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Delicious, Healthy, Authentic and Fusion Good Food
from all over the world

Along with Vivien's cookbook 'My World of Cooking Vol. 1', this website assists to give you extra inspirations, including especially 'the unknown good food'. Authentic food from different cultures have their historical goodness which are meaningfully interesting. It's worthy enough for any food lover to go in-depth into a better understanding of it. Be open-minded! By using ingredients from your own culture or other, you can experiment new cooking techniques and expand your culinary horizons.

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Great Awareness Of Choosing To Cook Fresh Meals
The 'no time to cook' mindset pushes the majority to choose unhealthy fast food. In fact, good food or healthy delicious meal can be prepared easily. Let’s say within 20 - 30 minutes. It's a matter of making choices and keeping it in balance. It will be absolutely handy for you to learn more cooking techniques and to have diversified choices of ingredients. Vegetables, eggs, fish, seafood and even meat can be prepared for a decent dinner within your tight daily timeline. Whatever reasons you have for not spending time to cook, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice the nutrient contents and the balance in your meal for the sake of ‘no time to cook’ or ‘don’t want to cook’.

Short Term Reward vs Long Term Healthiness
We are all human. Treat yourself from time to time with some delicacies is nothing wrong. For instance, to eat a piece of your favourite apple cake occasionally is much tastier than eating it every day. The baseline is to keep the balance of the daily intake amount of nutrient content and fibre content. The consumption of refined sugar should be kept to the minimum in the long term.

The Healthy Balance
Happiness is important to everyone. You are happy when you are healthy. To improve your mood and mental health is as vital as physical health. On the internet, Serotonin is commonly mentioned as a 'happiness hormone'. We need it to regulate our mood and make us happy. The following ones are my favourite ways to obtain that 'happiness hormone':
    • getting exposed to sunlight but don’t over exposed;
    • eating good food those are rich in carbohydrates but choose as much as you can the good carbs such as vegetables and fruit in the long term;
    • doing sport(s) choose a sport you like and keep doing it. My favourite sports are badminton, swimming and walking in the woods.

Apart from a balanced diet containing proper nutrients and fibres, to enjoy some cookies or macarons occasionally is nothing wrong if you’re a healthy person. But still, do take into account of the sugar and other additives intake. For instance, it will be tastier and more enjoyable for you to eat occasionally just one French macaron once a day.
No matter what kind of diet you are following, don't ever starve yourself and please enjoy the good food!

Make your meals delicious!
Amongst the 5 basic tastes (sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and umami), I am very keen on using natural ingredients to obtain the umami taste rather than using artificial monosodium glutamate (MSG - E621). No matter you are a vegetarian or an non-vegetarian, the umami taste is the main factor for the deliciousness of your  savoury dishes. Many foods are rich in umami components which can be found in meat, vegetables, fish and mushroom (particularly shiitake mushroom) and fermented food, etc.

To make a great meal that everyone loves is sometimes a tough job.  You may want to enrich your cooking experience by cooking and experimenting often.  If you are a beginner, it will be fun to start with some easy recipes those you just need a few simple ingredients and a short cooking time. On the other hand, to surprise your family and friends with some restaurant recipes is challenging and content. You will be gratified with compliments for your efforts. After all, be a loving home cook for yourself, your family and friends is such a wonderful thing.

Enjoy cooking and spend some quality time with family and friends
No matter how long your cooking journey is, enjoy the quality time in your kitchen and make the most fun out of it. Every food lover and passionate home cook could have his or her own 'My World of Cooking'. I hope you will enjoy my recipes and carry them through. Do get control in your kitchen as developing a nice 'your world of cooking' is such a beautiful thing.
Thank you for stopping by! Remember, whenever you can, do share your cooking with your family and friends.
Cheers, Vivien

Vivien's Cooking Workshops are for everyone who loves cooking!

In our cosy cooking studio, you will learn cooking in a friendly and cosy atmosphere. Vivien (author of cookbooks), is the main docent for most of the cooking workshops. Along with her cookbook 'My World of Cooking Vol. 1', this website and all the cooking workshops will broaden your culinary horizons in a fun and an enlightened way.  From authentic comfort food, many well-known good food from the world kitchens, and doubtless some delicious and
gorgeous treats or desserts will entertain and amaze your taste buds for sure.  
Apart from expanding and strengthening your cooking skills, 'the health starts from your own kitchen' mindset is something major to any food lover and passionate homecook.  Let's get cooking happy, always!

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