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Eating Styles

Mix and match different eating style categories to enhance greater balance of our health. Personally, I am neither a vegetarian nor a diehard Paleo eater. Non of my family is. We all love the goodness of vegetarian, vegan, paleo and low carb diets.  There's no one-size-fits-all diet. It depends on individual need and approach.  The key is to have a nice balance amongst all different eating styles, so as to maintain our physical and mental health.

Here are the eating styles those we usually follow, mix and match and enjoy:
Low Carb - food or drink those are low in carbohydrates
Paleo - to eat like our hunter-gatherer ancestors.
Pescatarian - does not eat meat but does eat fish.
Vegetarian - does not eat meat or fish, sometimes with eggs and milk products
Vegan - does not eat anything from animal products.

When you apply these categories of eating styles to many authentic kitchens from around the world, you will see a tremendous variety in cooking.  Sometimes, we don't even have to develop a new recipe for any eating style, as the authentic one is just spot on!

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